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Back to Main Page3.5e Homebrew Back to Main Page3.5e HomebrewEquipment → [[3.5e |]] [[Category:3.5e]] [[Category:User]] [[Category:Equipment]] <!--Choose one of the following 6 categories for your item--> [[Category:Mundane]] <!-- For mundane items--> [[Category:Magic]] <!-- For magic items--> [[Category:Psionic]] <!-- For psionic items--> [[Category:Epic]] <!-- For epic magic items--> [[Category:Artifact]] <!-- For artifact items--> [[Category:Non-Magical/-Psionic]] <!-- For items that fit none of the above--> <!--Choose one of the following that best fits your item.--> [[Category:Adventuring Gear]] [[Category:Alchemical]] [[Category:Armor]] [[Category:Tool]] [[Category:Skill Kit]] [[Category:Food]] [[Category:Jewelry]] [[Category:Outfit]] [[Category:Poison]] [[Category:Shield]] [[Category:Clothing]] [[Category:Trade Good]] [[Category:Trap]] [[Category:Vehicle]] [[Category:Armor Enhancement]] [[Category:Cursed]] [[Category:Flavor Treasure]] [[Category:Magic Gauntlet]] [[Category:Potion or Oil]] [[Category:Quest Item]] [[Category:Ring]] [[Category:Rod]] [[Category:Staff]] [[Category:Shield]] [[Category:Shield Enhancement]] [[Category:Weapon Enhancement]] [[Category:Wondrous Item]] [[Category:Artifact, Minor]] [[Category:Artifact, Major]] [[Category:Template]]

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