Equipment Editing Instructions Edit

Just replace the comments (the text starting with <!-- and ending with -->) with your own descriptive text. Take special care to remove only the category tags that do not apply to your article. at the bottom, as they will allow readers to navigate to your page. Your item may require more formatting than is given in the preload. Feel free to copy any necessary formatting from other appropriate sources.

Category Explanations Edit

To ensure that your item is properly categorized, use one of the following categories:

  • [[Category:Adventuring Gear]] General equipment such as ropes, lanterns, shovels.
  • [[Category:Alchemical]] Grenade-like weapons and alchemical brews.
  • [[Category:Armor]] Wearable protection never goes out of style, both magical and non.
  • [[Category:Tool]] For items that add bonuses to skill checks.
  • [[Category:Food]] For food and drink, like pastries, ale and racks of barbecued dragon ribs.
  • [[Category:Jewelry]] Small, wearable, non-magical treasures.
  • [[Category:Poison]] Poisons, of course.
  • [[Category:Clothing]] Reserved for specific clothing, like hats, boots and mantles. Non-magical only.
  • [[Category:Trade Good]] Commodities that can be fairly traded for their monetary value. Generally non-magical.
  • [[Category:Trap]] It's a trap!
  • [[Category:Vehicle]] Hitch a ride on a hot air ballon or cruise along in style with your magical buggy.
  • [[Category:Armor Enhancement]] Magical enhancement properties for armors.
  • [[Category:Cursed]] Items with curses, drawbacks or downsides to their operation. Almost always magic.
  • [[Category:Flavor Treasure]] Fancy treasure such as paintings, gold statuettes and ornate trinkets. Always non-magic.
  • [[Category:Potion]] For magical potions and oils.
  • [[Category:Ring]] For magical rings.
  • [[Category:Rod]] For magical rods.
  • [[Category:Staff]] For magical staves.
  • [[Category:Shield]] For shields of all kinds, magical and non.
  • [[Category:Shield Enhancement]] Magical enhancement properties for shields.
  • [[Category:Weapon Enhancement]] Magical enhancement properties for weapons.
  • [[Category:Wondrous Item]] General magical doodads and thingamajigs.

And if your item is an artifact, it probably has none of the above properties.

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