<!-- REMOVE THIS LINE BEFORE YOU SAVE --> <!-- Note that this is not meant to be a complete table of contents, or index, or work for every campaign setting out there. You can, and should, add or remove links from the table to suit your needs. Sometimes "Organizations" might be described under the section for "Cities", and you won't have a link to Organizations. Sometimes it won't. This is only a template; make it work for you! --> {{Project Completeness |1}} {{Author |author_name=Your name here |isnotuser=true<!-- if you are a registered user of this wiki, delete this line --> |date_created=<!-- today's date --> |status=<!-- general completion status --> }} == <!-- Name of your campaign world or option --> == Summary: <!-- A short summary of your campaign world. --> {| class="column" style="width: 100%; align: top;" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" ! style="width: 34%; text-align: left;" | '''<big>Player Info</big>''' ! style="width: 33%; text-align: left;" | '''<big>World Reference</big>''' ! style="width: 33%; text-align: left;" | '''<big>Running the Setting</big>''' |- | style="width: 33%; vertical-align: top;" | ;[[/Character Creation|Character Creation]] :Rules and advice for Creating Characters. * [[/Character Creation#Ability Scores|Ability Scores]] * [[/Character Creation#Alignment|Alignment]] ;[[/Races|Races]] :The many races of <!-- insert the name of your world or option -->. * [[/Races#Major Races|Major Races]] * [[/Races#Other Playable Races|Other Playable Races]] ;[[/Classes|Classes]] :The classes available to characters. * [[/Classes#Base Classes|Base Classes]] * [[/Classes#Prestige Classes|Prestige Classes]] ;[[/Character Options|Character Options]] :All the ways to customize characters. * [[/Character Options#Feats|Feats]] * [[/Character Options#Skills|Skills]] * [[/Character Options#Character Flaws|Flaws]] * [[/Character Options#Substitution Levels|Substitution Levels]] ;[[/Gear and Equipment|Gear and Equipment]] :All the miscellaneous stuff you'll ever need. * [[/Gear and Equipment#Gear|Gear]] * [[/Gear and Equipment#Vehicles and Mounts|Vehicles and Mounts]] * [[/Magic Items|Magic Items]] ;[[/Magic|Magic]] :The mystical forces of <!-- insert the name of your world or option -->. * [[/Magic#Arcane Magic|Arcane Magic]] * [[/Magic#Divine Magic|Divine Magic]] * [[/Magic#Psionics|Psionics]] | style="width: 34%; vertical-align: top;" | ;[[/History|History]] :History, times, eras. * [[/History#<!-- something historical -->|<!-- something historical -->]] <!-- copy and paste to add more, as necessary --> ;[[/Cultures|Cultures]] :Rituals, heirarchies, legends, oral traditions. ;[[/Geography and Environment|Geography and Environment]] :Places and locations of interest in <!-- insert the name of your world or option -->. * [[/Geography and Environment#Geography|Geography]] * [[/Geography and Environment#States|States]] * [[/Geography and Environment#Maps|Maps]] ;[[/Pantheon|Deities, Demigods, and Heroes]] :All the divinity in the multiverse. * [[/Pantheon#Religion|Religion]] * [[/Pantheon#Pantheons|Pantheons]] * [[/Pantheon#The Deities|Individual Deities]] ;[[/Cosmology|Cosmology and the Planes]] :The layout of the cosmos. ;[[/Organizations|Organizations]] :The groupings of people in <!-- insert the name of your world or option -->. ;[[NPCs|NPCs, Minions, and Notables]] :All the people your players may see, talk to, or kill. ;[[/Dangers and Diseases|Dangers and Diseases]] :Painful and disgusting things to torture players. * [[/Dangers and Diseases#Diseases|Diseases]] ;[[/Bestiary|Bestiary]] :The vile beasts, horrid creatures, and savage species. | style="width: 33%; vertical-align: top;" | ;[[/About|About]] :Information on this campaign and suggestions. ;[[/Running a Campaign|Running a Campaign]] :Basics on how to run a game with this setting. ;[[/Adventure Hooks|Adventures and Quests]] :Things to do in <!-- insert the name of your world or option -->. |} ---- {{3.5e Campaign Settings Breadcrumb}} [[Category:3.5e]] [[Category:User]] [[Category:Campaign Setting]]

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