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Adventuring Gear[edit | edit source]

Hand Torch of Continual Light Summary This is a hollow tube (3" to 4" long) which can be sealed to contain the light. Designed to be hand held or to be hung from the wrist, neck or a hook by a carry strap. The tube is sealed at one end and contains a stone which is permanently stuck or wedged in the sealed end. The stone has had a continual flame cast upon it thus a 20' beam of light is emitted when the cap at the other end is removed. Material Component: Sprinkle 50GP of Ruby dust on the stone. Price: 55GP

Alternatively if your DM allows then the spells Daylight (60' beam) or Light (20' beam) could be used with a Permanency spell. Your DM to adjudicate costs and availability {{#ask:

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