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Welcome to the Dungeons and Dragons Wiki!
The Dungeons and Dragons wiki is dedicated to the creation and dissemination of homebrew material created for all editions of Dungeons and Dragons. We are centered around aggressive quality control and focused on providing homebrew content for many different styles of play. We want to help you find material from our collection that you can use in your campaigns without balance concerns. To that end we attempt to tag each page with a balance point that indicates what sort of games it would be most appropriate in. Please see Dungeons and Dragons Wiki:Balance Points for a more complete explanation of our balance points.

Anyone can jump in and create their own pages with easy-to-use preloads that automatically format and categorize pages. To maintain our standard of quality, however, we ask that users keep most works in progress in user sandboxes and only place completed articles in the main navigation areas. Some exceptions are made for large scale projects. Please see Dungeons and Dragons Wiki:Content Requirements for further information on these policies, as well as how to create sandbox pages and other such explanations. To see a list of articles that the author would like input on, feel free to check out our Help Wanted page.

After trying out a few options, we have settled on Mibbit. If you have any questions about our policies or would just like to meet and chat with other wiki users, please join our active community in our chat room! If you have any trouble with the chat whatsoever, put a comment on User Talk:Surgo and he will help you to the best of his ability.
We're improving our layout and navigation. In order of probable completion:
  • Fix the 3.5e equipment navigation pages and rethink the equipment categorizations in general.
  • Standardize formats between editions where appropriate.
  • Edit pages to conform to new properties, categories, and navigation bits.
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The ads on the right will go away if you log in. The "what's hot" on the left vanishes after about 10 page clicks. The three wikia links on the bottom will always be there. There's an ad on the top of the main page, but given how Wikia is offering free hosting and support, this is quite acceptable.

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